Cloud Sentry Services

Every organization follows a unique path to cloud adoption. However, our fundamental stages of implementing a secure methodology remain consistent across industries. Define, plan, implement, adopt, govern, manage, and secure.

While cloud technology isn’t a novel concept, this Framework presents fresh avenues for both business management and technological advancement. It offers a wealth of tools and guidance. Not just for the adoption of cloud technologies, but also for instigating crucial business, personnel, and procedural transformations. By embracing cloud technology with assurance and oversight, you can navigate your cloud adoption journey with confidence.

Let’s realize your business objectives and continually extract value from the cloud by leveraging an extensive array of tools, programs, and resources.

7 Stages Framework

1. Define

We gain insights into your cloud economics and give both financial and technical guidance to refine your cloud strategy and construct a compelling business case. Together, we clarify your business objectives to ensure alignment with your motivations. Then, we craft your business case and develop a financial model to forecast the business ramifications of your cloud adoption strategy.

3. Implement

We teach you how to construct your Landing zones with the possible paths. Also, we help you find the tools you need to set up your cloud environment.

6. Manage

To us, monitoring means initiating data collection, establishing the operational baseline, triggering alerts, monitoring service metrics, and producing SLAs. As for management, let us identify vital business operations, align operations with services, assess service interdependencies, and develop top-level perspectives for service dashboards. By resiliency, we mean implementing a resilient platform, optimizing resiliency investment for appropriate protection levels, achieving quick recovery from failures with minimal downtime and data loss, and progressing toward a highly available platform

Cloud Sentry Services

5. Govern

We assess your organization’s transformation progress, monitor governance evolution, and get you tailored recommendations to address identified gaps utilizing the governance benchmark tool. Next, we establish an initial governance framework through a governance MVP (Minimally Viable Product), integrating key cloud governance principles such as cost management, security baseline, resource consistency, identity baseline, and deployment automation. Let’s also identify business risks and risk tolerance levels. Then, mitigate these risks through governance and compliance policies. And institute regular governance procedures to oversee policy compliance.

7. Secure

We incorporate security insights into our risk management framework and digital endeavors. Additionally, we guarantee the continued operability of your organization during attacks, swiftly restoring full operational status. Moreover, we safeguard sensitive data and systems while continually discovering, classifying, and securing assets.

2. Plan

We compile a comprehensive inventory of your workloads, applications, data sources, virtual machines, and other IT assets, and assess them to identify optimal cloud hosting solutions. Then, we develop your cloud adoption strategy by prioritizing workloads according to their business significance and technical intricacy. Lastly, we establish and execute a skills readiness strategy to outline support requirements, bridge existing gaps, and equip your business and IT personnel for the upcoming transitions and emerging technologies.

4. Adopt

Let’s concentrate on transitioning existing on-premises applications to the cloud through a gradual, step-by-step approach. This approach involves initiating a limited-scale cloud migration effort initially, to gradually expand to migrate additional workloads as insights are gained from the initial experience, and migration processes are refined. We help you modernize your digital infrastructure to foster business and product innovation. Contemporary methodologies in infrastructure deployment, operations, and governance are swiftly narrowing the divide between development and operations.

Why opt for Cloud Sentry Services?

High-quality service: as a managed cloud service provider, we aim to shoulder all your cloud environment responsibilities, offering comprehensive relief.

Adaptable agreements: recognizing the dynamic nature of your business landscape, we tailor our agreements to evolve alongside your company’s evolving needs.

Complete transparency: we give you a thorough insight into your purchased services, uptime, and costs, ensuring 100% transparency.

Vigilant monitoring: we meticulously monitor and safeguard your applications, infrastructure, and all intermediary layers, promptly intervening at the first sign of potential issues.

Local support: access support from our in-house experts proficient in your language, providing localized assistance when needed.


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