Experts in worry-free application modernization

Whether you want to run a single container or a large cluster, QUBR works out the solution that suits you best. No matter where you want to run your container platform -on-prem, in the public cloud or hosted by us- the solution is tailored to your needs. Enjoy worry-free application modernization!

QUBR is a joint initiative with Piros, consisting of a team of open source geeks with in-depth knowledge and experience spanning three decades. Piros is the largest Red Hat partner in the BeLux.

Together, we provide worry-free application modernization.

Why choose us

Modernize your legacy applications with QUBR. Our fully managed modernization platforms take care of all the hard work.


Cloud-native development platforms

QUBR’s agile cloud-native development environments give you the power to build, test, and deploy in both public and private clouds.

From legacy to modernized

We offer a full spectrum of services for architectural modernization. We’ll help you design your cloud-ready application, migrate your data, connect you to new infrastructure, and much more.

Fit for all sizes

Whether you just want to run a single container or need a complex custom environment.

Fully managed

Completely worry-free! We handle all the heavy lifting for you – from development to deployment to support. You just focus on building awesome applications instead of managing legacy systems that are difficult to upgrade.

No stress

Does something go wrong after all? Call us 24/7! That’s worry-free too.

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