QUBR Cloud Platform Management. Bye bye, fixed menus!

In these times of technological abundance, the options for moving your application development to the cloud are many and varied. So, it’s important to choose well. You could build and manage a development platform in the cloud yourself, or you could leave it all to a managed service provider. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. That’s why it’s good that there’s a complementary option: QUBR Cloud Platform Management.

Do you want to build modern applications in the cloud quickly and securely? Is having to develop a container platform and then manage it, too, holding you back? Are you finding it difficult to recruit the right talent? Or is it just too expensive? This is where managed service providers come into play with solutions like OpenShift, Red Hat’s open-source container platform in the cloud.

Managed cloud: clear limitations

Even when the hyperscalers sell managed OpenShift platforms, the responsibility matrix still shows quite a few areas where you are responsible instead of the hyperscaler.

In addition, managed cloud offerings are often limited in terms of options and flexibility. You are essentially presented with a fixed menu and told to make do with it. They offer little in the way of customization. The sheer size of a hyperscaler means you’re unlikely to receive the personalized customer service a smaller provider can offer if things go wrong.

QUBR: the alternative

Not so with QUBR! Exactly one year ago we started QUBR at Piros in response to an apparent emerging demand we identified in the market. As Red Hat’s largest partner in the Belux region, we offer a tailored open-source development environment through QUBR, supported by a local team of Red Hat specialists based in Leuven, all with a single transparent pricing structure.

And as if that wasn’t enough, we offer our services independently. Although we always work with Red Hat OpenShift, it doesn’t matter whether your development environment runs on Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, or another cloud platform. What’s more, our independence means that you can easily migrate your applications to another platform if that ever becomes necessary.

And more to come!

Our expertise in cloud platform management makes this a cinch. We know these platforms inside out and it’s this know-how, coupled with our flexibility, that our clients benefit from. And our QUBR services are no exception. Over the last year, we’ve completed our first QUBR projects and expect to announce new customers and partnerships in the coming months. These are exciting times for QUBR, so stay tuned for updates!

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