Why worry-free application modernization?

QUBR is a new initiative from Piros, the largest Red Hat partner in the Belux region. And with QUBR we answer a question that we’re seeing more and more in the market today. Because companies want to be able to build modern applications quickly and securely. They definitely don’t want to have to develop a container platform themselves.

Independent approach

Piros already had extensive experience with PaaS and its management. With QUBR we go a step further, taking our customers by the hand and helping them to modernize their applications. The advantage of QUBR is that this is done in an entirely independent way. We always work with Red Hat OpenShift, but it doesn’t matter whether the actual solution runs on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, or another platform.

What’s more, this independence offers the possibility to move the application from one cloud platform to another without any problem at a later date, should that ever be necessary. This is where our expertise comes in handy. We know those cloud platforms through and through and we know how to manage them, and your company can benefit from this extensive expertise.

Intermediary layer

All this means that you don’t have to go through the learning process that we already have under our belt. Using OpenShift allows you to easily move workloads between different clouds. OpenShift acts as a crucial intermediate layer. You don’t move with cloud-specific containers but with the containers, you put on OpenShift. As a result, OpenShift allows your applications and containers to run completely independently from the underlying platform.

This way, you avoid vendor lock-in. In practice, something developed in a specific cloud environment is difficult to place on another platform. Thanks to OpenShift, that’s no longer an issue. With OpenShift you can easily switch between platforms. Whatever you have on OpenShift always remains the same; only the platform changes.

Complete unburdening

With QUBR, you can take the next step in unburdening your IT team. Instead of spending time and energy on the container platform, your people can fully focus on the development and modernization of your applications. And by the way, more and more software suppliers are offering their applications as containers. Piros is responding to this evolution with QUBR.

So whether you want to run a single container or a large cluster, QUBR works out the solution that suits you best. We offer a shared environment so that even small companies can enjoy the benefits of OpenShift, even if it’s only with one or a few containers. Our offer is designed in such a way that we can provide an effective solution to any company: from very small to very large and everything in between, whether standard or highly customized.

No matter where you want to run your container platform — on-prem, in the public cloud, or hosted by us — the solution is always tailored to your specific needs. The goal of QUBR is that we follow the trajectory of our customers: from one container to large clusters.

Curious about why we stand for worry-free application modernization in your organization?